Ajenda Ya Msichana Solution Forum

“Girls Agenda, Solution Forum”

Ajenda Ya Msichana Solution Forum “Girls agenda, solution Forum” aimed at gathering girls from different backgrounds to amplify their voices and support on issues pertinent to them in changing the Law of Marriage Act, 1971.

8th July 2017 a year after the Landmark ruling on child marriage was given. Therefore, this was a strategic date to put girls’ voices at the Centre of our advocacy and child marriage agenda which was missing. Msichana Initiative has been engaging with MPs, Religious leaders and Traditional leaders in the process of bringing the Bill to the parliament.

Girls’ voice and ownership of this agenda is missing, and we acknowledge they have a role to play in advocating for the amendment and push the government to execute the child marriage judgment as directed by the High Court of United Republic of Tanzania.

This day called on all young girls from the different background through “Ajenda ya Msichana” Solution Forum to amplify their voices and call on the government to execute directives given under the “Minimum Age of Marriage” case and amend Law of Marriage Act of 1971.

On that day, about 577 young girls from different background participated in the Ajenda ya Msichana Solution Forum which included but not limited to disabled young girls, teen mothers, former child brides, in-school primary, in-school secondary, girl leaders, former domestic workers and indigenous girls.