Our Strategies

Strategic litigation

Discriminatory Legal frame work and draconian laws changed; We advocating for legal reform to all pieces of legislation that discriminate against or create inequalities to a girl child.

Girls rights protected & enforced

Women and Child Protection Committee; Is a protective mechanism which design prevention and response actions to keep children and women safe from violence. We facilitate their establishment and monitor their work in the areas we are working in.

Community become a safe environment for the girl child

Msichana Cafe; Is an informal setting where community members meet for the purpose of discussing and sharing their knowledge concerning challenges that young girls face in their environment and come up with solutions. It is informal setting since the gathering involves all people without regarding their education level, status, gender and age.


Girl empowered and have voice

Msichana Amani Clubs; are established to provide a life long learning on gender equity, emotional intelligence and empathy through music.

Out of School Girls Club; These are plattforms where out of school girls, teen mothers, former child brides meet and discuss various challenges and come up with solutions.

One Girl One Bike; This project involves fundraising to donate bicycles to girls who are living 10 km away from school.

Hedhi Salama; This project aims to empower young girls on sexual health, sexual rights, reproductive health and reproductive rights.

Girl Ajenda Forum; This is the one of the key programs of the organization that brings together young girls and other stakeholder of girls that hinder them from realizing their right to education and providing solutions. This forum is done once in a year.