Girl Empowerment On The Issue Of Child Marriage In Bahi District Dodoma Region

Girl empowerment on the issue of child marriage is the advocacy strategy to inspire positive attitude toward girls and build consciousness about the effects of child marriage. This project is funded by Foundation for Civil Society. The Initiative calls for Tanzanian communities to give girls safeguard girls’ rights and to protect them from early marriage. Child marriage is against International, Regional and Local legal standards, which the Government of Tanzania is accountable to oversee its effect.

This initiative is the first-time effort, which goes across local communities, civil society and the government. Initiative is sparking awareness that girls rights is human rights and violation of girls rights is the violation of human rights and government efforts on ending poverty in Tanzania.

The main objectives of this project s to engage young girls in protecting themselves against child marriage ensure Tanzanian children especially young girls live in safe and nurturing homes, communities and schools and to promote social and legal unacceptability of the child marriage.

More than 1000 people have been reached and engaged in this project through conducting large-scale interventions (LSI) with communities through world café approach,) and conducting community theatre in the 5 villages which were targeted in the first quarter.