Hedhi Salama in Moshi District

A menstrual hygiene management program for Primary and Secondary schools in Moshi rural District which aim at reducing absenteeism and create friendly school environment for a girl during menstruation by providing education on menstrual hygiene management, breaking silence on the social taboos around menstruation, and ensuring water and sanitation facilities that are within their control are well maintained e.g. clean toilets so that girls can easily access them. The program focused in educating and empowering girls so that they can manage their menstruation with dignity to enhance their attendance and performance in school. Together with kasole secrets group organization we reached two primary schools (Mtemboni & Mahoma) and two secondary schools (Meli and Kidia) with the support from US Embassy in Tanzania.

We have shared videos of this project on YouTube, visit this link https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=hedhi+salama