Reflection & Appreciation as we Celebrate our 7th Anniversary

There is a popular African adage that says “It takes a village to raise a child”.

I would like to allude that by saying, in establishing and growing any organization, you can not make it by yourself, you need PEOPLE. In the beginning, you might need people who will applaud you even if they might not be able to support you financially, but their motivation will encourage you to keep on moving.

And there are those who will be ready to trust you with money, despite the size of the organization and invest their financial resources in unleashing your dream. Such people deserve so much appreciation, for taking a leap of faith and be ready to risk it all, when no one was ready to do so.

No one ever does it alone, no matter what, as a leader you need to have a team, who believe in your vision, and to be honest that might be the only motivation at the beginning. In short, to quote one of swahili adages “Kidole Kimoja Hakivunji Chawa” – One finger can not kill a lice. Regardless of how strong you are, you can not achieve much alone ; YOU NEED PEOPLE.

Today, as we celebrate the 7th Anniversary since the establishment of Msichana Initiative, we would like to appreciate every partner who have been part of our journey. We appreciate the partners who trusted us in the beginning, the ones who joined us later and who are still coming.

The trust that you have bestowed in us, shall be paid threefold by staying true to the vision and mission of our organization, which is safeguarding girls’ rights, inspire girls to shape their own stories and determine their own future.



Rebeca Gyumi.