Msichana Initiative Organisation is seeking proposals from qualified production companies, agencies, and individuals to help with the production of the publication, video, and comic books on the child marriage issue in targeted regions of Shinyanga and Dodoma.

In our objective to build sustainable knowledge through case studies and documentary,  to ensure there is solid programming based on evidence: we seek competent companies and individuals to assist in the development of these tools and materials as indicated above.

In October 2019, the Court of Appeal upheld the High Court ruling and required the government to work through parliament to change the law within one year. This was a landmark decision for girls’ rights in Tanzania and provides an unmissable opportunity to accelerate legal rights and progress for girls across the country.

Tools and materials such as case study booklets, cartoons, short films, and video clips need to be developed with the aim of removing the complexity of the legal language to normal citizens, so they can understand the implication of the ruling, make sense out of it and act. Using books, images, drawings, and video clips will make it easier for stakeholders to understand the implication of child marriage within their communities and raise more awareness. Therefore ensuring we are effectively communicating the lessons learned and best practices.

Requested Proposals from Qualified Vendors

REF: MIO/PD/1.1/01/2020;  Development of the Child Marriage Case Study

REF: MIO/PD/1.2/01/2020; Development of the Comic version of the Child Marriage Case Study

REF: MIO/PD/1.3/01/2020;  Production of Documentary on Child Marriage in Shinyanga and Dodoma


September 6th, 2020 – RFP Released

September 13th, 2020 – Proposal deadline

Week of September 13th, 2020 – Select Service Providers

September 15th – Contract Execution

September 30, 2020 – Complete the task and provide a final report

Terms of Reference for the proposal:

1.1. Development of the Child Marriage Case Study

  1. i) Familiarize with the Msichana Initiative’s activities in the intended region of Dodoma, with particular focus on the districts of implementation: Bahi, Kongwa, and Chamwino
  2. ii) Present to Msichana Initiative’s programs team a summary of the analysis on key areas and best practices in ending child marriage from targeted districts to be captured in the case study

iii) Present to Msichana Initiative’s programs team a clear activity plan and mode of execution for the project

  1. iv) Work in close collaboration with the program’s team to agree on the people to be interviewed and areas of focus for the case study.
  2. v) Travel to the field for documentation of stories and voices of the communities which have been selected to be featured as best practice in ending child marriages in the Dodoma region.
  3. vi) Interview the key informants and beneficiaries in the selected districts to gain deep insights of the content to be captured in the child marriage case study

vii) Produce a draft designed A5 booklet which captures stories, pictures and quotes on the best practice on ending child marriages with Msichana Initiative and UNWOMEN logo at the back cover.

viii) Present a 1st draft booklet (English version) on the 26th September to the programs team, cc’d Executive Director for internal approval process

  1. ix) Work on the agreed comments/inputs/edits to the document (Msichana Initiative reserves the right to change the document up to 3 times)
  2. x) Submit the final designed case study in the approved format, color, language, pictures, font size by 30th September to MI’s ED: cc’d Finance Manager:
  3. xi) Timeline for the execution of this activity is from 15th to 30th September 2020. The service provider is expected to have completed all preliminary work, field visits, documentation of the collected content, submission, and review of the final case study document.


1.2 Development of the Comic version of the Child Marriage Case Study

  1. i) Interprete the child marriage case study (item 1.1) into comic (Swahili) version, using creative language, pictures easily understandable  for the general public
  2. ii) Present the comic book creative thinking, sketches, and words for review and approval to the MI’s programs team by 30th September 2020

iii) Creatively package the approved sketches, words in the designed comic book, including Msichana Initiative and UNWOMEN logos at the back cover.

  1. iv) Submit the final designed child marriage comic book in the approved format, color, language, sketches, font size by 7th October to MI’s ED: cc’d Finance Manager:

1.3 Production of Documentary on Child Marriage in Shinyanga and Dodoma

A: Pre-Production

  1. i) Develop and present a detailed creative treatment outlining the proposed technical approach based on the briefs provided. This may include: mood board/storyboard, and script outlines
  2. ii) Script the video modules based on the existing written curriculum and other available resources

iii) Obtain all the required permit, licenses, and insurance and local security approvals for filming

  1. iv) Conduct the required interviews, as dictated by the approved scripts/storyboards

NOTE: Original graphic animations can also be part of the proposed creative treatment.

  1. v) Conduct pre-production meetings before each round of filming with Msichana Initiative Communication department and all relevant partners for final approvals on all locations, scripts, storyboards, talent props, etc, as needed.

B: Production

  1. i) Travel to Dodoma and Shinyanga for video production and collection of raw footage needed for the documentary
  2. ii) Interview the selected individuals in the field, while adhering to safeguarding policy and journalism ethics when interviewing survivors of violence.

iii) Provide the required personnel and equipment which includes but is not restricted to; Lead producer (“Line Producer”) for the duration of this contract who will be the lead project leader and primary point of contact for this assignment.

  1. iv) Director of Photography/Videographer/camera operator with full camera kit (4K camera with shoulder rig, 24-70 70-200 zoom lenses, prime lenses, tripod, mobile battery kits). Lighting and Grip package. Production manager, gaffer, grip, props, vanity as needed. All props ready for filming as dictated by the approved script/storyboards.

C: Post-production

  1. i) A copy of all working edit files on either Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Source and license library music tracks.
  2. ii) 2D after-effects graphics animation (as per the script & storyboards)

iii) All final audio mixes, VO recording (if any), and finishing to make broadcast ready.

  1. iv) 1 documentary video produced in Kiswahili with matching English-subtitled version
  2. v) Online render multiple formats suitable for standard digital displays, including TV, DVDs, social media, YouTube, tablet, mobile devices.
  3. vi) A duplicate of all raw footage captured during the production on an external hard-drive.

Applicant eligibility

i)The Applicants’ organization/ Company/Individual should have complied with all the legal requirements of Tanzania laws.

ii)The Applicants’ organization/ Company/Individual should be competent and have the capacity to execute the tasks.

iii)The bidder should have experience in conducting similar work or related activities.

  1. iv) Readiness to deliver as per the required time frames.

Ethical Clause

  1. a) Any attempt by a Bidder to obtain confidential information, enter into unlawful agreements with competitors, or influence Tenderer during the process of examining, clarifying, evaluating, and comparing bids will lead to the rejection of its bid.

(b) When putting forward a bid, the Bidder shall declare that it is affected by no potential conflict of interest and that it has no particular link with other bidders or parties involved in the project. Should such a situation arise during the performance of the Contract, the bidder must immediately inform the Tenderer.

(c)The Bidder must, at all times, act impartially and as a faithful adviser in accordance with the code of conduct of its profession. It shall refrain from making public statements about the project or services without Tenderer’s prior approval.

(d)The Bidder must observe safeguard policies during the execution of the assigned task.

Submission Instructions

Your proposal comprising technical proposal and the financial proposal shall be submitted in accordance with the below instruction(s);

  1. The Financial Part and the Technical Part of proposals MUST BE SUBMITTED COMPLETELY    SEPARATELY into different documents
  2. The financial Proposal/budget should be in Ms Excel format and the Technical Proposal should be in either word format or PDF format.
  3. The bidder should attach the previous work that has successfully been done.
  4. Both Technical proposals, Financial Proposal, and Conflict of interest letter shall be duly signed by an authoritative person.
  5. The bidder is allowed to bid for either one or all of the categories listed below

1.1. Development of the Child Marriage Case Study

1.2 Development of the Comic version of the Child Marriage Case Study

1.3 Production of Documentary on Child Marriage in Shinyanga and Dodoma

The bidders must send their proposal by the form of emails to cc’d However, the bidder is supposed to indicate  in the mail subject his/ her selected category as follows

1.1. Development of the Child Marriage Case Study  indicate  as


1.2 Development of the Comic version of the Child Marriage Case Study, indicate as  (TECHNICAL & FINANCIAL PROPOSAL- MIO 1.2)

1.3 Production of Documentary on Child Marriage in Shinyanga and Dodoma, indicate as (TECHNICAL & FINANCIAL PROPOSAL- MIO 1.3)

For both categories indicate as (TECHNICAL & FINANCIAL PROPOSAL- MIO 2.1)

Submission deadline of Proposals.

The proposal (s) should be received and submitted on or before 13th September 2020, Sunday at 5:00 pm however late proposals will not be considered.

For inquiry and further information on Msichana Initiative can be found on its website

Download The PDF Version of this call using the following link: Request for proposals – Child Marriage Tools

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